Surfing Destinations in Australia

By Damian Papworth

Surfers all over the planet think of Australia almost before any other destination on the planet when they imagine to themselves what their favorite surfing trip would take them. It's quite simply that many of the best surf spots in the world are to be found Down Under, with the best that the oceans have to throw at surfers always waiting to be found. Other than certain areas where the waters are calm due to natural harbors and bays, etc., there is hardly a stretch of Australian beach that doesn't offer wonderful surf conditions, which means that practically no matter where you are in the country you'll end up making your trip more than worth the while.

One area that surfers generally avoid in Australia is the northern part of the continent, where a mix of natural conditions generally shoo people off: between the small stature of the waves and the fact that these tropical waters are rife with the world's most dangerous jellyfish, it's best to go catch a wave elsewhere!

Thankfully, the rest of the national shoreline incorporates thousands of miles of beach rife with ideal surf spots ready to furnish surfers the ride of their life. These uncounted miles of coastline offer some extraordinary beach and reef breaks all along their extent. From the warm waters off Australia's western shores to the chillier waters off its southern shores and the very popular and visited waters of the eastern coast, there are tons of places where any surfer will be able to make their dreams come true.

Western Australia surely boasts some of the most exceptional surf spots, and the fact that the water gets nice and warm and the air even warmer makes it all that much more inviting. The Indian Ocean is at its best here, and perfect 6 feet tubes are a dime a dozen here. Surfers are advised to get to know such coastal destinations as Esperance, Albany or Margaret River (where the river opens into the sea, of course), all of which are famous for their ability to attract boarders from all over the planet.

In South Australia, the chilly water currents coming up from the Antarctic Sea create fabulous and even intimidating swells, just the sort of stuff true surfers crave. Getting to the various beach spots is a bit of a challenge given the remoteness and difficult terrain in many places, for which reason having a local guide and/or a 4WD vehicle become a good idea. South Australia's best spots for surfing include Eyre Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula, places which the surfers from the capital city of Adelaide and other areas flock to en masse.

The coast of Victoria is similar in many aspects to that of South Australia, and in both cases surfers will want to don their wet suits as the waters are exceptionally chilly. Despite this, the conditions are magnificent: to get the most out of this area, again, you will want to pick apart the brain of a local surfer. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for Bells Beach, Phillip Island and Torquay, singled out by locals as favorite surf spots. For a leisurely surf/road trip, just get on the Great Ocean Road that runs for more than 100 miles along the Victorian coast -- it's simply chock-full of ideal surf breaks.

Moving back towards warmer waters, New South Wales has seemingly unending expanses of surfable spots-from the crowded beaches around Sydney to the more remote locations farther north or south, such as Byron Bay, Angourie, and Lennox.

Farther north still, Queensland has such ideal surf destinations as the Gold Coast to speak of. Surfing is a way of life around here, and beach names like Surfers Paradise pretty much explain themselves as a result. In Queensland's upper reaches, surfers can even get a glimpse of the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, a rare and precious natural jewel unlike any other in the world.

Finally, well to the south and amid truly icy waters, the surf spots of Tasmania are restricted to the genuinely brave of heart. The eastern beaches are the best, especially during mid-spring and summer.

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